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Government warns Gudlyfe against releasing new Mowzey Radio music


After the death of legendary artist Moses Ssekibogo, a.k.a. Mowzey Radio, his management announced that he had left so many songs behind.

They further announced that these songs would be released in an album titled, ‘Moses the great’.

A few days ago, singer Jose Chameleone’s DNA lounge announced that it would celebrate the late’s birthday party, with a listening party for the album, hosted by the Good Lyfe crew on January 25th.

Revellers were to be treated to a silence disco of music from the album.

However, might not happen after the Administrator General’s office warned against releasing any music belonging to the deceased artist.

A copy of the warning letter

In a letter dated January 14th, Irene Bayiga, the Assistant Administrator general, said the Uganda Registration Services Bureau had received information that some persons or entities intend to release the musical and derivative works of the late.

“This is to notify the general public, all media houses and or platforms that no entity should release any music belonging to the late Moze radio, without express authorization from the Administrator General,” the letter reads.

By the time of his death, it is said Mowzey Radio left two albums, one at Swangz Avenue and another at Gudlyfe.

We are however not sure which album was going to be released at DNA Lounge.

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