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Andrew Benon Kibuuka hits back at Tamale Mirundi

Andrew Benon Kibuuka

Andrew Benon Kibuuka, the chairperson of the Federation of Performing Artistes in Uganda (FPAU) was criticized by motor-mouthed Tamale Mirundi for allegedly embezzling artiste and promoters funds.

Tamale Mirundi, while appearing on his weekly programme on NBS TV claimed that Kibuuka and his family squandered Shs1 billion that was supposed to be compensation for promoters who got losses after their events were cancelled because of Bobi Wine and also the shs400,000,000 that President Museveni promised Artistes while at Namboole some time back during the Ekyepukulu event.

Benon Kibuuka alias Dube Sempala has however hit back at Tamale Mirundi saying that ‘Knowledge is wisdom but half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.’

Kibuuka dismissed Mirundi’s accusations saying that they are insulting and malicious and challenged the former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale to produce evidence incriminating him and failure to do so, Mirundi might be dragged to courts of law for damaging his reputation.

The Bakayimbira dramactors actor made the remarks during a press conference soon after his performance at Bat Valley Theater on Saturday.

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