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I am no politician, music is all I know- David Lutalo

David Lutalo

David Lutalo

IN CONCERT: David Lutalo will have his Nakusiima concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval tonight, the same day as Spice Diana. A shared concert, moreover in January?

It is January and Spice Diana’s concert is also on today. Aren’t you worried this may affect attendance at your concert?
I do not know what they think because I am not them but everyone wants to try out their luck. Also, I am not responsible for this month, I chose January because it seems like the safest month to hold a concert since most of my other colleagues prefer other months and so far, God has been good to us as we have never registered a loss.
What I can say is that many people believe in me and will come through to support me.

It was rumoured that you and Victor Kamenyo were at loggerheads over Chozen Becky. What really happened?
I have never spoken to Victor Kamenyo over that, but I heard he was working with the people who had signed Chozen Becky and when she was terminated, I decided to come in and help direct her music career.
She, however, has her own management and I am just helping her because she is talented and I could not just watch and let her talent die. We already have enough artistes in Da Hares; Willy Mukabya and Chance Nalubega, among others.

What are your views about the new proposed laws on the entertainment industry?
Those laws are useless because they are not up to date. We just have to work as artistes together with lawyers to help us. True, there are some sections that might be right but most of the sections do not help the industry, do not help the country and do not help us as individuals.

If those laws are passed, how will it affect the music industry?
Ugandan music is not protected at all right now because the people who implemented those laws look at us as individuals but we have so many people behind us. People who could have become thugs and lawbreakers. We all know that there is scarcity of jobs in the country and you know how people are desperate to earn a living.
Not only that, imagine how many youth will be forced out of the industry without meeting the ‘standards’ they want. They will be creating more unemployment.

What is your take on artistes joining politics lately?
Everyone has an opinion, although some artistes see it as a chance of making more money in politics than in music. They use their popularity to try out politics for survival. If artistes are well protected, they would not have no reason to join politics.

Do you think those few in politics have helped the industry?
It is too early to tell. They cannot be judged this soon because they also have their own reasons to be there. We shall tell as time goes by.

You did not participate in Tubonga Naawe, neither did you take part in Tuliyambala Engule, which side do you belong to?
I am not a politician, all I know is music. I do not blame those who participated in Tubonga Naawe because they went there for reasons best known to them. I do not know if there is anyone who can refuse to go and meet the President and more to that, there was money involved.
My target, however, as an artiste is to please everyone in all age groups, political belongings, tribes and religion.

Will we see David Lutalo in one of Bebe Cool video clips signing for a share of the Shs400m?
I have never ‘eaten’ anyone’s money and trust me I am not among those artistes who should be worried.

Between NRM and People Power, who would you work for?
The problem is that I am not a freedom fighter and I will not die for the public. I will choose a side that will not hurt me, will not kill me and has money.

What advice would you give an artiste who wants to have a concert or has had a flopped event?
First and foremost, I would advise them that with music, you have to grow with your fanbase and concert venue. Those two are built with time. You cannot just get excited because of the hits you have.

Some people believe you did not have a good 2018. Do you agree?
None of my songs failed last year, unless they have not been following. The problem is that I release songs that people mistake to have been released the previous year. I started the year with Mile, then I had Nkwagalila Dala, Nakusiima and Eat Zote, among others.

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