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Thousands of Bakiga throng UMA grounds to celebrate culture

Entertainers dance Ekizino, during concluded Bakiga Nation Ekitaguriro. PHOTOS BY DAVID STANLEY MUKOOZA

Thousands of Rukiga speaking people mainly the youthful ones gathered at Lugogo UMA grounds on Sunday for another edition of the Bakiga Nation.

Unlike the previous editions, the 6th Bakiga nation moved from Naguru Hilltop to UMA grounds and the entrance fee of Shs10,000 was also introduced. The edition that came to pass Sunday, attracted a number that has never been seen at any edition of Bakiga Nation.

By midday, the grounds were full with different people engaging in different activities. Since it was a Bakiga event, the bouncers spoke in Rukiga, the ticket selling points were being sold by Bakiga, the MCs were speaking in Rukiga and everything at the event was about Bakiga with all communication was in Rukiga.

The event had drinks like Enturire, Bushera, Eshande. All these went for Shs10,000 and most of the revelers were seen with calabashes where the local brew was being served. Those who were not from Bukiga (there were others from different tribes) and didn’t want to try out their local brew went for Nile Special which was the event sponsors and was sold cheaply at the event (Shs,4000).

Performances were from different Cultural groups from the Kiga Culture and were also joined by famous singer Shine Omukiga. The show was not organized after the organisers scrapping the VIP section and it was up to anyone to sit anywhere they wanted.

The sound was also not that good but when the DJ played a kitagururo song, the Bakiga ran to the center of the venue to dance collectively to the beat, they danced the ekizino, a famous dance from bakiga.

At around 9:30pm, there was no particular activity taking place at the venue and this forced everyone to leave at leisure. The DJ kept on playing music from different artistes and the way the show ended was no longer a Bakiga Nation event but it was any other show.

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