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Watch video: Sheebah upstaged by belly-dancing man at Ballers party

We all know Sheebah for that sexy dancing that keeps men hooked to her during live performances.

The Mummy Yo hit maker has made it a habit to invite men from the audience on whom she bumps and grinds and does all those naughty things to.

But we reckon she did not see it coming when she invited a man from the audience at Sheilah Gashumba’s Ballers Party held last week. She, as usual, expected the reveler to be like her usual men that she sexily teases as the audience cheers on.

But not this time. The unknown man gave Sheebah a run for her money as he immediately dropped to the floor and sensuously turned his waist to the beats of Sheebah’s new song Exercise. He was least interested in the singer’s body but was more focused on having his fifteen minutes (or seconds) of fame up on the stage shaking his behind in a way that would leave many females green with envy.

Sheebah tried to dance together with him but the guy was in his own league. She then tried to compete with him but on seeing she could not handle, she just stood and shook her head.

Meanwhile the guy was still on the stage strutting his stuff and dancing like no one was watching.

You can watch the video posted by a Facebook user here:

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