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VIDEO: Michael Ross thrown off stage after attempting to steal Ginuwine’s show

Michael Ross might have been thinking that he is Uganda’s Ginuwine but the bouncer at Saturday’s Jazz Safari show didn’t want to know.

During the Jazz Safari concert that featured Ginuwine, Michael Ross from nowhere jumped on stage as the American musician was singing. Michael Ross started breaking dancing but before some people could even notice his presence, two bouncers muscled him off the stage and threw him back down.

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Ginuwine could not help it but just laugh it off and continue with his performance.

The ‘Differences’ musician had earlier promised Michael Ross a collabo and perhaps this is what made him think it would be okay to share the shine with Ginuwine.

Some people were disappointed with the Ugandan bouncers because of the way they treated Michael Ross while others blame him for invading the stage without permission.

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