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Salvador fights with Kazoora over Zari

Dave Kazoora, Zari Hassan and Patrick Salvador Idringi (In-set)

Move aside Barbie and Sylvia Owori, there is a new war on the scene involving comedian Salvador Idringi and former TV and Radio presenter Dave Kazoora.

The war started when Kazoora was approached to head the Tulambule Uganda campaign, spearheaded by Kampala socialite Zari Hassan.

Zari claimed she was doing all the promotion free of charge and Salvador has no problem with that. However, when Kazoora posed a video while at Chove Safari Lodge, calling on President Museveni to invite Jay Z and beyonce to visit Uganda, Salvador went up in arms against him.

Salvado said the only way to promote Uganda is by making domestic tourism affordable, as this will make the promotions of Tulambule more sensible.

“If you want to promote domestic tourism, make it affordable for the Wanainchi… that’s when all these promotions of Tulambule will make sense… Right now you are promoting the beauty of Uganda, which so many of us have seen but haven’t experienced because of the costs involved. I remember on my brother Tsabo’s wedding in Zanzibar… we each paid $720 for 3 nights in a 5Star hotel full board (food and drinks) plus the return flight… a night at Paara or Chobe is about $200 on a good day for bed and breakfast and from Dave’s testimony, food per day will cost you about $45 so you are spending $245 per night which is way too high,” said Salvado said in a post on his Facebook.

He added that Zari’s work would have been made much easier if only they tackled the costs of experiencing Uganda’s beauty. “Why would I spend over $700 yet I can get even a much more experience in a different country for less. This isn’t me being negative, this is me being realistic.”

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