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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Kyarenga Overdrive: The Aladdin news and the Aladdin news 

Musician turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine, sings on stage in Busabala, on November 10, 2018. Thousands of Ugandans thronged a lakeside recreation ground to attend the long awaited first music concert of the politician after previous attempts were blocked by the Ugandan police.

Bobi Wine has been the subject matter of this column three times now, so maybe we should think of giving him a tab of his own should we ever create a website… but nah, that’s not happening, so we will stick to giving you the banter as it goes down.

On Saturday November 10th 2018, the much anticipated and equally controversial Kyarenga concert went down at the Ghetto President’s One Love Beach in Busabaala. His loyal fans and the newly recruited ones who followed after he begun his political career filled the place in one of the biggest crowds seen in Uganda yet. By this time we had already agreed that Namboole Stadium was rented out for a wedding whose reception was to continue till 2021, so those who managed to make the move went on to Busabaala, where the star and a host of others entertained them to the most that their Shs10,000 paid at the entrance could afford.

Now, we have the good news and the bad news, or as the 2012 sensational movie “The Dictator” states, we have the Aladdin news and the Aladdin news. So we will start with the Aladdin news (bad) and wrap up with the Aladdin news (positive).

@enywaru tried to sum up the concert in just one tweet, but when you have had such a crowd and you try to wrap it into 280 characters, you just might be overshooting your ambitions. Some facts may be missed, or wrongly stated, and the timeline shows no mercy for such little errors

In paying tribute to the late Mowzey Radio, bwana Bobi decided to do a rendition of one of the fallen stars’ anthems. It was a final chance for the music lovers to know the difference between singing, raping and raggamuffinism. According to @AmMutumba, Bobi’s plan didn’t go so well

There were also people who didn’t have a good day’s work at the concert. Imagine having your pain all laid out and then circumstances turn out and you can’t execute even a single one of them! We apologize to y’all for the losses in time

Speaking of a bad day at the office, mbu (this needs to be whispered quietly) there were those who were filled with regret, asking themselves if they were wise enough while making some earlier decisions

Now onto the other Aladdin news, the concert was a source of joy for a couple of reasons.

Even the older generation turned up. Just when we thought music and the party were for the younger people, some old folks are out here to die with spirits so young. Or you might say, the concert was a unifying factor

Also, some of Uganda’s youngest entrepreneurs were eyeing a good field day, but thanks to @oliceug, their great works were kept at bay

Interviewer; Namboole Stadium has the capacity to host 50,000 people at a go. Don’t you think it would have been a better venue for #KyarengaConcert?


On this day, @bbstvug got reason to celebrate

Even the football fans were reminded that there was something in there for them

The last one; but we shall leave this up to you to interprete in the comments

PS: The content here is just opinion, and shared in jest. If you are politically, socially or in any other way disgruntled by it, you might be getting angry for a wrong reason. Regards, the Pirate.

Joshua Mulwana is on twitter as @PirateMulwana 

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