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Flavia is taken finally, but…

Andrew Kabuura and Flavia Tumusiime on their introduction ceremony

…Better days are ahead that is for sure. The bereaved can cajole under a tree and munch on some fresh nsenene as they wail their sorrows away. For every A Pass, there has also been a certain unknown person who watched Flavia Tumusiime so passionately on TV, as she grew out of puberty, blossomed into womanhood and did the unthinkable……marry the other guy! Hearts broken, huh?

Well, do not cry for us abeg. Go start a support group or cry yourselves to sleep. You folks catch feelings with all these TV personalities so quick but will not even bring yourselves to say ‘Hi’ when you see them or even your next door crush. Why? Cowards just! Every single one of you.

You chaps love to swing car keys at people in public spots, fill up your Polo Shirts with manly chests but yet conveniently zone out when you see ladies that supposedly look ‘out of your league”. It is like when a woman is remotely ‘successful’, men will become ‘brain dead’ by default. It will take a guy’s friends to wrestle him into just saying ‘Hi’ to a love interest simply because she appears to have it all; beauty, brains, a career. Guys do the most at selling themselves short.

Mbu so what next if his money cannot swing a hot kyana in his corner? Boss, maybe your wits will, or your fashion sense, or the fact that you love certain sports, or your peculiar love for farming. Yes, you might meet a boring person who loves the same boring things that you do, which automatically makes everything mad interesting.

Understandably, being in the company of successful people can be intimidating, but who said they do not enjoy a heavy dump at midnight, or some roadside chicken or just some plain kaboozi. The more we demystify all these ‘celebs’ or people we perceive as super human, the better. This Andrew Kabuura who swept Flavia off her feet cannot be any different from us.

You know our shizniz; landlord on your behind, loan sharks baying for your blood and all. Chap could have just taken kyana to a kafunda and caught a football game, swigged some Lager and boom, her lights were blown out. Nze me, this Fabiola will not know what hit her. Some of us have gaping pockets but we move correct. Guys, don’t fear. Move in for the kill!

I like to believe this Flavia babe that many of you swoon over is just as normal as anyone else. Some of you need to warm up to the idea that women are just as successful, make money, have careers so this should not keep you shelved in kamooli. Be as real, grounded as possible and put yourselves out there. Have meaningful conversations because swinging your car keys to impress ladies will not get you far. Sell your wits, although it would also help to know you are employed ‘as if as if’. The game is unkind for the broke man.

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