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Fans boo, walk out as Gravity Omutujju performs on stage

Gravity Omutujju performing at Kijanebarola beach on Sunday where fans went unruly and booed him. Photos by Ambrose Musasizi

Music fans in Rakai booed and walked out as hip hop artiste Gereson Wabuyi aka Gravity omutujju performed on stage due to his poor performance at the grand opening of Kijjanebarola Royal Beach in Kooki-Rakai District.

The beach was opened by His Royal Highness the Kamuswaga of Kooki Apollo Ssansa Kabumbuli II Rwampanja on Sunday.

The fans were angered with Gravity’s lackluster performance which some said looked like he was simply giving a speech.

Revelers sit through Gravity Omutujju’s performance.

It all started when Gravity came to the beach at around 11:35pm and ordered the DJs to play his songs so that he performs there and then.

He was, however, told to wait for singers Evelyn Lagu and Carol Nantongo to sing first because they had been there the whole day but he declined.

His team of about four men jumped into the DJs laptops and switched off the music system.

Revelers get down with singer Mathias Walukagga.

The event organisers let Lagu and Nantongo perform as Gravity watched behind the stage.

When he (Gravity) came on stage, he did not perform as fans expected him which prompted them to boo him as others walked away saying he had killed their mood.

Other performers who had earlier on thrilled the music fans included ‘Jjajja Bruce’, Mathias Walukagga, Lord Fred Ssebatta, The New Amarula family among others.

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