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Fameica is a little boy; I can make or break him – Sheila Gashumba

Fik Fameica, Sheilah Gashumba

Singer Fik Fameica has released a song titled ‘Salawo’ but fans think the song was directed to Sheila Gashumba.

The two were for a long time rumored to be dating. But recently, Sheilah hooked up with another guy and said it was God’s plan.

In his new song, Fameica tells her to choose (salawo) between him and the other guy.

“You think I am young, yet I am an old guy. I have always been in Kamooli (ventilators), seeing you hobnobbing with another guy, but you do not want to come out and tell him if he is the one you love,”the lyrics in part.

When we asked Gashumba if she has listened to the song, she asked this reporter to send it to her and after listening to it, she replied saying Fameica is just trying to create hype for his concert in December.

Gashumba who seemed angry said that it is obvious the singer is attacking her but she doesn’t care because Fameica is trying to press a wrong button.

“ I can make or break Fik Fameica and he knows it very well,” Gashumba said, she went on and said that right now she has no time for Fameica and at the moment she is only about making money and focusing on what builds her career rather than responding to a little boy.

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