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Socialite Cameron Gitawo denies involvement in Shs170 defraud case





South African-based Ugandan socialite Chris Mbibo known to many as Cameron Gitawo, a member and founder of The Money Team (TMT) a money spending group has come out to distance himself from repors about his involvement in a USD45,000 approximately Shs170M case.

Gitawo says he deals in cars and at least every month, he sends about 5 cars to Uganda to different agents to sale and send him money but he has never heard of anyone in the names of Bashir Ssemakula or his friend Jeff Nwase (his alleged accusers).

“I think there are some people who are trying to ruin my reputation back in Uganda after learning that I am returning home this December,” Gitawo said and wondered why  his alleged accusers had to wait for one and half years to claim he owes them.

He threatened to sue his accusers if they don’t produce ev8idence to prove their allegations.

This comes just hours after one Jeff Nwase was on Monday arrested over claims that he obtained money from a one Bashir Semakula by false pretense. While at Police, Ssemakula said Nwase lied to him that he was going to get him a car because he deals with Gitawo who delivers them from South Africa.

Ssemakula said he had filed a case at the Central Police Station under reference KMP GEF 237/2018.

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