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Meet Ofwono Opondo, the new snapchat ‘queen’

The New Nile Bridge was the hottest item in Uganda last week. This time the Opposition parties had nothing to oppose.

After it’s commissioning last Wednesday, a number of social media users posted photos of themselves at the bridge, well, to show that they were there when history was made.

It was total silence on the opposition side of things, and Miria Matembe couldn’t make things any better. This was her stern warning to all those that take pride in opposing whatever the government lays its hands on.

“It’s true I don’t agree with Museveni but on this new Nile bridge project any opposition member that talks ill of it should be castrated and totally rebuked as Mad, let’s not oppose everything,” she apparently said.

But with Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo’s selfie, we can say, that was the last stroke that broke the camel’s back. Forget about the disappearing under pants.

Captioned; “I have just tried this source if the nile bridge on my way to Mulanda,” his selfie went viral, with many of his followers and other tweeps criticizing his photography skills.

“Opondo, did you know that we have an age limit on taking selfies,” replied @TusabeAbdul.

As if that was not enough, a one Ozil hajarah said; “The caption should have been- when you accidentally open the front camera.”

The photoshop kings could not spare government’s mouth piece!

But why are people on social media like this?

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