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Meet Joanita, the Ugandan who won Denmark’s biggest talent contest

Joanita Zachariassenn

People who have lived abroad say that it is not easy to thrive there, especially in countries that have few black people, such as Denmark.

But let us all agree that beating them in a music competition is another thing all together.

Joanita Zachariassenn, a Ugandan born singer won a major TV talent contest in Denmark yesterday evening.

Commonly referred to as the ‘small woman with a big voice’, Joanita – who has lived in Denmark more than 25 years walked away with the top prize at the recently concluded 2018 DR LIVE singing competition.

Besides the accolade, she won the coveted prize of up to 250,000 DKr, which is equivalent to Shs130 million. Her Kiss Kiss performance wowed the crowds and seemed to please the judges who showered her with lots of compliments.

Though she won a huge sum of money,  Zachariassenn, in an interview with BBC said it has never been about the money.

“Money was the last thing I was thinking about, I just wanted to make a mark in Denmark, integrating African music and fusing it to fit in Denmark,” she said.

With her winning song ‘Kiss Kiss’ that has some Luganda verses, which Danish people are not familiar with, Zachariassenn says she is a proud Ugandan and there was no better way to express herself, than in her mother tongue.

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