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People think my daughter is my sister – MC Kats


Famed media personality MC Kats has spoken out on the hustle he goes through raising a daughter who is of the same height with than him. The young-looking MC surprised many when he shared pictures of his eldest daughter on social media. A few years ago.

Although we have been watching Kats on TV since the 1990s, many did not expect him to have a daughter as old her. The Nabisunsa Girls’ secondary school student is interestingly such a photocopy of her father that one would think they are twins.


MC Kats, real name Edwin Katamba, recently shared that he was attending a function when some guy questioned why he had brought his sister.

“I was mcing in this school… some guy mbu Kats alesse sister wee (I was mcing in this school then some guy said that Kats has brought his sister),” MC Kats posted.

“Am surprised like my young Joy she is my height,” he later commented.

Fille and MC Kats. FILE PHOTO

MC Kats currently has three sons and three daughters. Each of his children was, however, born by a different woman. He is currently dating singer Fille and together, they have one daughter. He also doubles as her manager.

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