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HASHTAGS: No one can stop Reggae !!


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Beautiful people, if last week has taught us anything, it is never to underestimate the power of fans, especially Reggae lovers. These Rastafarians have no mercy towards you when you start zigzagging around the stage with your kangaroo belly exposed. If you have been humble for the past days expect a smooth wave of dreadlocks swinging back and forth and if you have been the big headed type expect a Pg18 rated affair as it may contain violence and physical manhandling from the Ugandan police. Well our reporters could not miss to capture this hilarious series with their equipment from Wakanda.

A moment of silence…. What an episode!!!

Well you once loved us, not until you started singing “Embozi za malwa”

Take away….. Before tables turn, stop “dumparing” for us.

Even a fire truck can’t stop us. You once called us cockroaches and we kept silent. This is a result of the weed you planted. You can’t just wake up from wherever you have been and uproot in the dry season.

“Otanteganisa” I warned you about my Bazzukulu and thought this old man is just wearing hats for nothing. Go in peace.

Msschewwww let me even first take a sip. Wapiiiiii!!!… That man Tarrus knows nothing about you. Sit down and be humble.

can’t deal with this……. I am weak (laughs)

Apparently we are ready to discipline you son of Bosko. Bring it on, the bottles are in place.

well this will explain to you how cockroaches can throw bottles like ninja warriors.

That feeling, after successful installing an anti-virus. Trust me Ugandans will sort you and leave retrieved, fresh, clean and wise.

Final verdict, Discipline is very important and a virtue every Ugandan should exhibit and if you feel too inferior to behave. The crowds will help you insert it. Hopefully when I return our dear big size will have accepted the fact that it does not only stop at social media but physical stings come in. Keep looking out for the next culprit. Till next episode. Salute.

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