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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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‘How can you dance at your brother’s funeral?’: fans tell off Bebe Cool

A photo montage of Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine. FILE/COURTESY PHOTO

Singer Bebe Cool proved that he, together with his social media team, have enough time on their hands when he went on rampage replying whoever commented on a post he shared on Tuesday, a rare thing for a verified celebrity social media account.

The troublesome post was his new profile picture showing him and President Museveni at the Golden Heart Concert. The post annoyed many netizens who felt that Bebe Cool should not be posting rosy pictures of Mr Museveni at the moment since they are angry about the torture of singer/politician Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine (who also happens to be a rival to Bebe Cool).

As though to wreck more havoc, he was the first person to comment on the picture with “#FreeBebeCool” which many have interpreted as a counter attack to #FreeBobiWine which has been the most popular hashtag since last week.

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His followers were not amused by his antics and immediately pulled out their pitch folks, calling out the singer for seemingly reveling in his ‘brother’s’ pain. Here we deliver the most vile comments.

Naymar Dalda Naish Beb’z: We love you as a musician.. We love ?? Uganda as our neighboring country… But this is not funny… This is the right moment to look for our likes and comments… #FreeBobiWine

Princess Serenah: Bebe Cool you are doing what you are doing, coz that’s your short cut to money,don’t say you are doing for are doing it for yourself, when you die ask yourself how your children gonna survive with the bad legacy their father has left behind. Bebe cool from now and on wards you and your wife,you can eat your cakes we are not buying them again.

Mimzinho Atatya Mpalana Gaucho: I wanted to put my comment here about #FreeBobiWine, but I know it’s not you who runs this account. I know it’s some other dolt who won’t understand half of what I am saying.

Angel Nyg: I love the way you support and show solidarity over your source of income. Ate munange where will u eat if he goes. Anti like u said, things these days are for you and yo family.I wish your source of income was purely music like you stage it not the president’s money so we can see how powerful you are.

Jesse Sakira: Long has it taken me to see a #Fool and here comes one. Nevertheless, am not surprised. He even didn’t support his own Father.

Aswani Victor: This is not cool, nor a wise decision, noo, not when Bobi Wine is going through torture from the person you adore, stand for your brother tomorrow it’ll b you, its utterly shameful.

Simon Obore: He is free to support whichever divide he wants but why wait until Bobi is in custody to start sharing his mindset!? This is mockery. He just couldn’t say it in his own words. Read between the lines my neighbors.

Vivi Enne: When they came for Bobi Wine you uploaded a pic of you bootlicking a dictator. When they’ll come for you we will upload your photos and ask for your release because real people realise that where one’s right stops, is where another one’s starts. #freebobiwine #closetheugandanembassyinke #peoplepower

Tonewiz Rhd: For sure I loved Bebe cool not knowing that I fell in love with a fool, yo such a bad-hearted person who can dance at the funeral of your brother,

However, some few loyal supporters like Walvex Promota were still defending Bebe Cool, arguing that he is entitled to his own opinion.

“Bebe Cool is not a “Chameleon ” that changes its colours to survive or be liked in situations. He speaks his mind and calls a spade a spade. This single post is better than a million posts that will shout #FreeBobiWine Nga in reality they don’t. He won’t shout I STAND WITH YOU yet he doesn’t. NO SIR, he is real. Long live the only real artiste in this country.

Vasha Kalley José Abuses and insults are for the weak and cowards…. Every one has a right to support whoever they wish…. So let’s all respect each other…
Bebe cool has a right to post which ever. Who ever he wants..

Jackie Thebossbabe also said, “Bebe cool is the best thing i have ever seen wama mind ur business and do what gives you peace. Much love for uu. #team bebe,” while Jordan White JW said, “Leave Rasta alone. He even refused to support his own father!mulowooza yategeera enyo.”

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