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Jeff Kiwa signs songwriter for Sheebah



Alvin Kizz

With all the singers in Team No Sleep, Jeff Kiwa seems to continue focusing on his gem, Sheebah. The manager has done so much to keep his girl at the top and the latest we hear is that
her new song Mummy Yo was bought from a young singer and songwriter called Alvin Kizz.

Apparently the deal was struck on the night Alvin Kizz had gone to Laftaz Lounge to premier the song.

Jeff Kiwa apparently fell in love with the song when Kizz performed it and next thing, they were having a private chat in one corner of the bar.

Now following the success of Mummy Yo, we hear Jeff Kiwa has decided to give Alvin Kizz a home, recently signing him to TNS as Sheebah’s official songwriter.

Kizz also has songs such as Nkujjukira, Nkulowooza featuring Sheebah, Kampala Girls and Lubabu, among others.

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