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Full Scoop: Why Police raided Bryan White’s home

Police have today (Tuesday) raided the home of socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White and impounded a luxurious Mercedes Benz Cross Country on allegations that he acquired it fraudulently.

It is alleged that Bryan White bought a Mercedes Benz Cross Country and paid only US$100,000 of US$250,000. He allegedly promised pay the balance, which he didn’t prompting the former owner to report a criminal case of obtaining goods by false pretence against Bryan White.

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Deputy Police spokesman, Superintendent Patrick Onyango, said Bryan White was summoned by Nakawa Magistrate’s Court several times to respond to the charges, but he didn’t appear.

“The court then issued a warrant of arrest for Bryan White. Today, police officers went to enforce the court order. We impounded the car and towed it to Jinja Road Police Station. However, Bryan White wasn’t arrested because he accepted to appear in court on Wednesday,” Mr Onyango said.

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According to Section 305 of the Penal Code Act, “any person who by any false pretence, and with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person anything capable of being stolen, or induces any other person to deliver to any person anything capable of being stolen, commits a felony and is liable to imprisonment for five years.”
It isn’t clear how a case that seems to be civil in nature ended up being investigated by police detectives.

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Bryan White has a fleet of luxurious cars.

Efforts to get a comment from Bryan White about the incident were futile because his known telephone number was switched off.

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