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How Uganda’s first Comedy festival went down

Babu Joe from Rwanda

Ugandans were spoilt for choice at the country’s first ever Comedy festival, that offered up a whole weekend of laughter and joy.

The Festival was organised by Comedian Joshua Okello, in partnership with a company called Concepts 360. It  was a 2 day festival at Century Cinemax Acacia (Friday and Saturday) and hundreds of  people  turned up to watch a host of international comedians.

Day one saw performances from Rwanda’s Michael Sengazi, Zimbabwe’s Long John, AK Dans from South Sudan as well as Kenya’s Emmanuel Kisangani. These performed along with Uganda’s comedy grandfather Pablo Kimuli, Ronnie Mcvex, Tumu Siime, Laptop and OJ as well as Timothy J.

Nigerian Comedian, Dr. Ofweneke

On Saturday Nigerian Comedian, Dr. Ofweneke who is based in Kenya was the biggest revelation of the night because for long Ugandans have only known Basket mouth as the best comedian from Nigeria. Dr Ofweneke might have changed that view with his jokes on sponsors and Sugar mummies,Bonny girls starting fires like early men, by twerking on bares bones.

Rwanda’s Babu Joe also took advantage of the current uproar over Rwanda’s new Volkswagen assembly plant to remind Ugandans that his country is better than Uganda.

Jean Divin from Burundi somehow managed to make a Ugandan audience laugh yet english is his second language, while Uganda’s Cotilda Inapo, Emma Napoleone, Daniel Omara Akite Agnes, Optional Allan, did not disappoint.

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