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Upcoming artiste to drag singer Victor Kamenyo to court

Hanging around big artistes has always been a tool for newer artistes to gain momentum and somehow find a footing on the industry. But the commonest outcome from these relationships is a newer artist later claiming so and so stole their song.

Some of them have always been lying about it whereas in other cases, the little known guy can be right.

And it is almost the same story, this time involving one Baker Bazira alias Barky who claims rapper Victor Kamenyo took his song and thus needs to pay Shs7m.

“Last year, I paid Kamenyo Shs2m to do a collaboration with him and also paid for his fuel and clothes to wear in the video and all these totaled up to Shs3m” Barky said, adding that this year, Kamenyo released and owned another song that had earlier been done by the two as a duet.

When Barky contacted Kamenyo, he acted arrogant and that was the reason he decided to talk to the lawyers and he also filed a case at Kibuye Police Station. When we tried to contact Kamenyo about the issue, we couldn’t get a hold of him as his phones were switched off.

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