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Fashion tip: Wear shimmer like a star

It is one trend that you could easily pull off from head to toe. Mostly rocked by pop stars like Keisha, we present ways you can shimmer to the next party like an A-lister.

To establish your status as a true fashionista, you have to think bigger and dress even bigger. That means you have to opt for the pieces that not only make you stand out, but are also not ordinary. And shimmer is one of those trends that you could easily pull this off with. And you know what the best part is; this is one of those trends that you can rock on any part of your body, including your eyes.

First off, keep your shimmery pieces for your dressier days like when you are stepping out, heading to a party or even dressing up to a date. You can go for a head to toe look with this one. For instance, you can have your matching shimmer detailed suit look. To calm the look down a bit, add a toned down body suit or shirt to complete it. Keep the rest of your accessories toned down as well so the suit is getting all the attention.

Alternatively, you can have your shimmer detailed skirt, and add muted top, and other equally colourful accessories to keep the hue scheme in your outfit going.

Away from the clothes, you can wear shimmer on your manicure, your make up and accessories like a cap, bags, shoes, jewelry and scarves.
This trend comes in various shade variations, so if you are the calmer type, shimmer in the earthly tones will work well for you. And if you are the “go bigger or go home kind” then you will be happy to know that shimmer is even available in neon and other colour pop shades.

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