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Bryan White warns bloggers against writing about him

Bryan White

Bryan White relaxing at home. COURTESY PHOTO

Socialite Bryan White has warned bloggers against writing about him because they not only hurt him but also his family.

Bryan White was commenting about Ashburg Kato, a city blogger who had made it his job to dig up all the dirt about Bryan White and his mysterious wealth.

Bryan White Ashburg Kato

Bryan White (L) and Ashburg Kato (R). COURTESY PHOTO

“Let’s be calm so I can also get some justice. So I can also sit in my home and be able to take some water but all the time my kids are telling me they have seen me on Facebook. Why do you want to ruin my families like that? Fine. I at times do stupid things but I have also done some good,” Bryan White said.

Comedian Herbert Mendo Ssegujja alias Teacher Mpamiire backed his boss saying, “We shall always stand-up professionally to defend and fight for our reputation that we have built for this long time. Notice to all the Upcoming News Reporters & Bloggers- You can always reach us out at our offices for any general inquiry before publishing any information.”

Bryan White last week ordered for the arrest of Ashburg Kato on allegations that he was defaming him. However, the public has asked Bryan White to bear with the media reports since he has always been hungry for media spotlight.

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