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22-year-old woman steals household property after three weeks in marriage

Hasifah Mudondo at Central Police Station, Kampala. PHOTO CREDIT: Kampala Metropolitan Police on Facebook

A clothes Vendor is Kampala got more than he bargained for after a woman he met at a restaurant and lived with for three weeks allegedly stole his household items.

Patrick Kushemererwa left for work, only to return home to an empty house.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire says the suspect identified as Hasifah Mudondo pressurised Kushemererwa to secure enough funds to enable her go to her village in Bududa to visit her ‘sick’ mother.

“As soon as Kushemererwa left for work, Mudondo made away with his clothes, phone, woofers, bicycle, bale of clothes and other household items,” Oweyesigire said.

Some of the property that Mudondo stole form Mr Kushemererwa's house

Some of the property that Mudondo stole form Mr Kushemererwa’s house. PHOTOS BY KAMPALA METROPOLITAN POLICE

A police statement states that the woman boarded a boda boda, only to be met by her ‘husband’ along the way.

However, the 22-year-old suspect revealed to police that she was tired of living with a mean husband and got a new boyfriend.

She is currently detained at Old Kampala Police Station vide SD REF. 52/19/07/2018 and is charged of theft.

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