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Pretty Glo family tells off MC Kats

As ya’ll were feeling sympathy and empathy for embattled singer Qute Kaye, some people were elsewhere throwing tantrums. On the evening of Kaye’s fate, Edwin Katamba known to many as MC Kats told viewers on his After 5 show how struggling singer Pretty Glo was the girl living with Kaye at his house.

Little did the presenter know that his words were about to be eaten. It was not long before Pretty Glo’s sisters hunted him down demanding an explanation as to why he had embarrassed their own.

The couple’s relationship had been under wraps, and not even their child together was known. According to Kats, the girls were not about to leave him alone, and on the show the next day, he said: “… to Pretty’s sisters, please understand.

My phone has been buzzing since morning telling me this and that, ‘the woman is pregnant, leave her out of this’, but look, I did nothing wrong. I only said that she was pregnant for Qute Kaye and that’s all.” Quick question: What is there to hide again?

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