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… Messi: The Greatest Of All Time




Football craze: Still wondering what that GOAT hashtag on your social media feed has been all about? Well, there is one man everyone has been all about – Lionel Messi! The Argentina captain and Barcelona striker has been tagged the Greatest Of All Time.


Some goats are meant for good steak, others for free range and the best of them for the biggest stage. Glitter aside, many of your goats are simply a nuisance in the village. They roam around unclaimed and eat everything under the sun. Mr Kibirige, tame your goats or else we will not tame our appetites.

For Lionel Messi fans, the goats kaboozi is more touchy. They believe he is the best thing to happen to football. An artist, a semi-god of sorts. The finest to ever kick a foot ball. The GOAT or simply The Greatest Of All Time. He is their GOAT. If you think otherwise, go and argue with Cristiano Ronaldo’s askari. He has your time.

Messi fans are obsessive, just like Ronaldo’s, his Portuguese arch-rival.Thank God for Messi’s slow start to the World Cup, they have been kinda quiet. They eat anyone alive on social media if they come at their beloved Messi. I am sure one person not too bothered about the fan fare is Lionel Messi himself. The pressure of his home nation to lift the World Cup in Russia already rests on his shoulders so he cannot be vexed much about what peeps say. Not even an obsessive Mutumba using a social bundle to argue online.

Messi has been on the path of greatness for long, breaking all sorts of records for his club Barcelona. He has destroyed your favourite players, embarrassed your favourite teams yet seems somehow relaxed about it. He wears that overgrown beard of his, stands at your seven-year-old son’s height, looks innocent while carrying a gun on his left leg. That is a goat you should be worried about.
Do you want to be like the ‘GOAT’ Messi?I gotchu.

A ‘GOAT’ in good company
Messi has been accused of only shining in Barcelona and grassing when he is lined up with 10 other pieces of firewood (players) in his Argentina team. Apparently he looks lost when playing for Argentina and it is not clear why. Poor guy is expected to carry his teams on his back at all times like sacks of cement. Whatever Messi did to the world to deserve this! He has got to pay for his baldy keeper’s errors, Di Maria’s confusion and Higuain’s impotence infront of the goal.

Mbu Argentina is not like Barcelona where he plays with superstars like the Iniestas, Pique. People have jazz for days. Do you ever chill with peeps whose priorities are twisted? Like you chill with someone whose hair is thinning, unemployed, petty thoughts, rampaged by debt, cannot keep a partner and a bunch of other stuff. All this energy will kill your mood.

Be like Messi and shine when it is convenient. Chill with people whose goals are right, connections are right and travel by flights. Those who ask you to send them ‘social bundle’ are enemies of greatness. Refrain!

Born Great
If any of you have watched Messi play, I am sure you can admit that he was born to play the beautiful game. Natural, effortless and brilliant. Not like some Portuguese construction worker who gets paid for overtime for doing too much. Watching Lionel Messi reminds you of so much talent God did not give you.

These are some of the things that make us want to question God. Like how does someone be so talented? Messi’s talent has radiated at Barcelona where he is their top goalscorer in just about every tourna they play. He scores, assists and irritates in equal measure. Where are assassins when you need them? Someone hack the midget for crying out loud.

If you want to be like Messi, know your talent. And if you are still trying to find yourself at 35, it is time to involve the police. You are literally missing. Search for your talent and let it thrive. Messi was discovered in the streets of Rosario, Argentina and was given a stage to shine. Just look within you and you might find something there.

Man of few words
It is rare that you find a short successful man who is also shy about his achievements. Excuse my stereotypes but I am sure y’all agree.

Normally they want to be noticed, a street named in their honour, and all other buyinja thrown their way. Messi is as cool as beans before he makes a stop at your goal. He does not raise his voice unless ofcourse he is celebrating another hat-trick.

If you want to be like Messi, let’s start by toning down the honking of your new car. We get it. Life is good, business is good but calm your tits. You ain’t the first.
Well there you go…….Be like Lionel Messi!

Twitter: @InK_era35

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