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Arrest those who leak nudes -Cindy




Musician Cinderella Sanyu known to many as Cindy was among the first victims of leaked nude photos and when recently asked what should be done about the ongoing nude pictures and video clips making rounds on social media, the singer did not shy away from giving her stand.

Appearing on Dembe FM last week, the mother of one said the government should intervene and act so fast on people who leak these pictures.

She added that what people do not know is that in most cases it is the men who leak their partners’ photos after disagreements.

“When a woman is in love, she gives her all because she trusts the person she is in love with but what hurts and disappoints is that after some disagreements, it is that same person you trusted with your body who goes ahead and leaks your pictures,” she said.

The Ndi Mukodo artiste added that the government should impose heavy penalties on people who leak others’ pictures because it damages the victims’ reputation, especially among their fans and families.

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