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Four One One

The acute angle: If Vinka could, anyone can

Ian Nkera Ford

On some days, I just want to talk music because that is where my heart is. I can discuss music for the whole day so you guys piloting music critic shows can invite me for a masterclass. Also, this is me showing you how unemployment bites deep. I am here applying for a job on a job I already have.

These monies never add up, no matter how many times you ‘sonda’. We are in limbo ladies and gentlemen. Grab your Bibles. But quite honestly, I need someone to poach my talent. I have the rare talent of identifying talent. I can identify talent hidden behind cough syrup, a bad cold, and my best, a talent wasting away in office cubicles not designed for one’s destiny.

For a musical talent, I will know when a musician will have longevity or one who will come and go in one hiccup. It is always there. You can tell character, passion, uniqueness in a musician’s voice, the artiste they will want to evolve into and other small intangibles I cannot name. A one-hit wonder’s song will not sink deep. That is just the way stuff is.

I knew Yung Mulo’s career would be shortlived, as well as the young Latinum. Artistes who are not founded on anything and somehow get their good streak of hits. Their careers never last long.

Sheebah Karungi still shocks me to this day.The talent was never really there. She was manufactured and has shown us that the Ugandan industry is just for pushing. Put out some decent material and push. Push until it hurts. Push until the radios hear it. Push it until it irritates. Push it until everyone has no choice but to listen.

It is not that people are overly obsessed with the kind of music that is being churned out but more like you are here, quite persistent, we have no choice but to listen. Sometimes you feel it is a raw deal but the industry is designed for boxers, the ones that never quit, not necessarily the very talented. It is why Bebe Cool has managed to stay relevant for so long. It is a fight yo.

As you would expect, my talent sensors never picked out this new rave Vinka. Even at my drunken worst, a song like Chips na Kechup would never rank as a completely ballistic song. The lyrics are kuvuyad, chorus repetitive and every other working of an average song. And yet for some devilish reason, this song has won hearts. Yes, it might have a catchy hook and playful lyrics but hey, we are getting a raw deal.

Maybe it is the direction of music these days. Confuse the lazy mind of a music fan with a powerful beat, catchy chorus and lazy lyrics then somehow croon your way to the top. Vinka is another factory artiste like Sheebah. Put whatever stuff together and push.Swangz Avenue, the team behind Vinka can push you out of a coma to listen to their artiste. They take things that serious.

After watching Vinka’s rise to the top with some catchy tunes such as Love Doctor, Malaika and others, I believe it is safe to say anyone can be an artiste and a good one. Maybe we are looking at real talent admitted on its deathbed while the factory artiste rules the charts. But I guess if people are smiling, there is no need to fuss. These are just my views though. One thing is for sure, Vinka has shocked me.

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