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Sheebah asks women to start acting up

Sometime last month, a video clip of Sheebah smashing a car windscreen went around the Internet and people were concerned. It later emerged that clip was from the singer’s video shoot for her song, Beera Nange.

And it looks like that the part where Sheebah smashes the car windscreen was not just a part in the video but rather a message Sheebah was passing on a message in promotion of girl power.

“It is time we also start acting up. If a man wrongs you, just break the windscreen of his car. It will hurt him so bad,” the self-confessed Swag mama said last Sunday while performing at the Tokosa Food Festival.

The screams of approval that followed Sheebah’s message must have had many guys at the event worried. Now we are all for girl power and grabbing things, but ladies let’s not go breaking car windscreens…please! Stay humble!

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