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Katatumba reveals her phobia for giving birth

It is no secret that African societies have groomed us in a certain kind of way. One of the ways is that when a woman comes of a certain age, she is expected to bear children. So even if times are changing, it is no surprise that the question will always come up.

The dreaded question came to Angella Katatumba during a recent interview. When asked if or when she expects to carry her own child, the singer said she does not see herself as a mother anytime soon or even ever.

“I am not saying this in a bad way but I fear giving birth, although I love children very much,” Katatumba said. She added that the whole process that a woman goes through until the time she gives birth is what scares her most.

Katatumba also mentioned that her background could have a thing to do with her decision, saying that having grown up in a family of seven boys and being the only girl, she tends to ‘act and think like men’, so most of the things such as giving birth never cross her mind.

There you go, all ye that keep wondering. As for us we say, #DoYouGirl!

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