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Judith Heard reveals why she hates saying Zari’s name

Zari Hassan (L) and Judith Heard (R)

Socialite Judith Heard has been in the media recently for a number of reasons mostly due to her nude pictures and saucy videos that were leaked. But she is back again after throwing shade at rival socialite Zari Hassan.

Heard and Zari have been reported to be at loggerheads since they both have parties they push for. Heard has been known to be working for Sue Ochola’s Arab Money party while Zari has her All-White party.

Interestingly on Semakula Musa’s show, Heard who was being interviewed from Boston feigned ignorance about Zari.

“Who is Zari?” she asked the host. This shocked the latter who asked how come she did not know yet they used to hung out together in the past,

This prompted Nnalongo Heard ti intimate that she simply hates Zari’s name.

“I do not like saying Zari’s name because it’s not important to me,” she said.

When prompted to explain more about this situation Heard said that she was not comfortbale being Zari’S friend because they both have different beliefs.

“We can’t be friends because we are different people. She likes things different from mine. No one chooses your friends. I don’t wanna be her friend. I was not comfortable and I chose to cut the friendship. It’s a choice I made,” Heard said.

She, however, blamed the public and the media for making a mountain out of a mole hill for entertainment’s sake.

“The public is the one that makes a big deal out of these events. It’s mostly media that blows it out of proportion because they want to make sales.

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