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Young Mulo jailed after DJ’s wallet goes missing


Singer Young Mulo

Singer Young Mulo who had become vibrant in the music industry a few years ago saw his career go to the dogs after an incident that saw someone lose their life as fingers pointed at him.

Since then, Young Mulo has been struggling musically and the self-proclaimed badman gadget is back in the news but not in a good way.

Young Mulo, who had gone to Laftaz Lounge to premier a video ended up causing chaos at the Centenary Park-based bar. The singer is said to have come to the bar at around midnight with about 10 hanger-ons.

They went to the DJ’s box but apparently on leaving, DJ Fikie checked his pockets and his wallet was missing. After an altercation, it was later discovered that one of Young Mulo’s boys took the wallet and handed it to him. Police was called and the accused arrested.

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