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Is Roger onto Tinah Teise now?

After Roger Mugisha was introduced by his fiancé friend Sheebah Richards Nassali in 2015, we thought he was done with not just the night life, but with the girls too.

We could have been wrong because when he started acting in the NTV series Second Chance, tabloids started talking and indeed it was not long before we saw him getting cosy with his co-star Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah.

Now it looks like Ellah went with his dreadlocks and he might be carressing a new flame in Login’s Tinah Teise.

At the launch of Campari on Tuesday evening at Skyz Hotel in Naguru, Roger was seen sneaking in towards the end of the event and then we understood why Tinah Teise was restless and on phone the entire evening.

As soon as Roger walked in, the two did not spend even 15 minutes before they went back down and drove off in Roger’s car.

Only God knows how long Roger has been acting as Teise’s uber guy.

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