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My music is not for TV or Radio, buy my DVDs- Chance Nalubega

Chance Nalubega

Chance Nalubega is not your ordinary musician. She rarely performs at events, which makes us wonder where she gets the money to pay her more than five band members. Well, we got the answer last weekend when she asked people to buy both her audios and videos at the Tugende Mukikade show, where she brought the house down by the way. “My music is not for TV or radio.

Not even for YouTube. I sell it everywhere I go and as a matter of fact, I need you people to buy my videos at 20k and audios at 10k. Both CDS have all my music,” Chance said, adding: “This is the only way to support Ugandan musicians.” This forced even those who had only transport left in their pockets to dig in.

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