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Four One One

Isn’t it amazing how we are surrounded by hypocrites!

So the royal wedding happened the whole world got talking. In Uganda, one would think that we were all related to the couple and went the extra mile to even demand for our own royal weddings by compiling lists of our local royals who have come of age and need to borrow a leaf.

It is amazing how people love to relate to humble beginnings like Meghan Markle’s, now the Duchess of Sussex. They will compile all sorts of stories, copy, paste and share others while trying to pick lessons, recommend and bring every detail back home. It should be a good thing, one would suppose, but here is something else that happened around the same time.

News flying in, in the course of the week was that David Kazoora will be spending the next six months at Luzira prison after failing to pay a bank loan amounting to Shs54m. It was interesting to see how the tables turned, and the different faces of people.

It is commonly said that as a duck effortlessly floats on water, one cannot imagine the amount of effort invested in keeping it up there. In the same breath, the world will jump onto any opportunity to applaud one when they attain success but make fun of them or mock them as they face life’s challenges.

When one looks at Meghan Markle’s picture in front of the palace when she was young, none of the passers-by could even take a second gaze at her because she was just a girl excitedly taking a pose. The look on her face tells the story of her situation then but years later there she was in the same place getting married to her prince charming.

My point, it is easy to make fun of someone else’s situation when they face a stumbling block. But why do things have to be this way? Is it so hard to stand with each other both in time of need and sorrow? Is it that hard really? The same people who were commending Kazoora for his awesome appearance in that TV ad are the same people sharing links to his sad tale as he makes it to the coolers in Luzira.

Isn’t it ironic? Anyway, I guess it goes to show how human beings are very interesting creatures. The same way we make friends, is the same way we get surrounded by hypocrites.

I am sure if we woke up tomorrow and the royal couple in Meghan and Harry was no more, we shall be astonished by all sorts of “I knew it” comments like they were not the same people singing praises and songs of victory. Interesting huh?

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