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Four One One

Is Bryan White’s podium crumbling?

As you would expect, the ‘great’ Bryan White expelled artistes from his infamous ‘podium’, the hub of beggars. I was patiently waiting for this.

These faded artistes had been entertained for far too long. Imagine grown-ups who would rather be useful by pursuing their careers camping at their ‘messiah’s’ home for breakfast, lunch, Internet bundles and the sort.

They had lost their worth completely. I honestly felt embarrassed on their behalf and wondered how an artiste of Chameleone’s level would jump at crumbs thrown in a rat hole. If he could, then anyone would. His brother, Weasel has been working on remote control and will not accept counsel.

I am compelled to understand his situation since his genuine meal ticket, Mowzey Radio, has since passed on. The Bryan White Foundation has exposed a societal rot among youth. We can do anything for money.

The ‘nfunira wa’ mentality will have people soiling their integrity to earn a few bucks. I am happy Bryan White humbled all these leeches that had made it their life’s mission to milk this guy of his suspicious dimes.

Artistes, have a limit please. We understand your careers are on a thread but have some respect for yourselves or the few fans that follow you. Imagine Chameleone fighting for the first slice of bread with Bryan White’s kids.

Mortifying, to say the least. Poor chaps were bounced off the podium with their lips drenched in oil. Good for you. How could I forget the Swedish-based blogger Peng Peng whose entire being has been sold for a few crumbs to bash anyone that does not agree with Bryan White? For some strange reason, this clown is still on the rota but his days are clearly numbered.

I guess Bryan White’s ‘podium’ might be showing cracks. This little game where a skinny tycoon fools the whole country is coming to an end. I think his streak has run for far too long. Bryan White has hogged news space and eaten some people’s brain cells to the extent that some people do not think right anymore.

Many sources actually claim that his staff clean out was because his cash had dried out. Maybe its what we need for some of our creative talents to think beyond the hand-outs. As much as the whole Bryan White Foundation has been positioned as a group to enlighten the youth about poverty, I do not buy it.

There are many unanswered questions about its founder Bryan White. What is the true source of his money before he goes out empowering the youth about working hard? How come there is no single picture of him in Italy, a place where he claims to have grow up? If at all we are seeing the signs of the podium crack, I am here for it.

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