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I am still young – Hellen Lukoma

masquerade ball

Singer Hellen Lukoma entertains revelers. PHOTOS BY EDGAR R BATTE

How old do you think Hellen Lukoma is? Her singing career started in Obsessions wich was back in the mid-20s, she then broke away and formed HB Toxic with her then best friend Brenda.

Then she opened up a boutique and still disguised herself as a musician before linking up with Leila Kayondo and before we knew it, she was on the verge of getting married to her sweet heart Dean.

That also never yielded anything but during the just concluded Buzz Teeniez awards, Lukoma didn’t necessarily say her age but distanced herself from being old on stage in front of kids who were mostly 18 years old.

This was after she was invited on stage alongside Mc Kats and instead of presenting just one, they were made to stay longer and give out four awards. Kats was a little bothered by this but had to ask the audience. “Aren’t you tired of us? But anyway you cannot get tired of us because we have grown with you. You have seen us from you were two and you are still seeing us. Do you know that we are old Lukoma?” Kats asked Lukoma who replied, “You are old alone Kats”.

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