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Chagga to prosecute musicians who have pirated Radio’s songs


The late Mowzey Radio



Jose Chameleon has a song titled ‘Basiima ogenze’ which literally means ‘people are appreciated when they die.

Mowzey Radio is one of such people because three months after he died, established, upcoming artistes and everyone who thinks they can sing came out with a tribute song to the deceased musician.

His songs also received relatively higher listenership and viewership on Youtube after his death than when he was still alive. Some have even been heard singing the deceased’s songs as tribute to him.

It’s against this background that Goodlyf manager, Chagga yesterday issued a stun warning against pirating the deceased’s songs.

Chagga, a former musician with Leone Island under Chameleon has threatened to prosecute anyone who will be found pirating radio’s songs.

He said he’s working with their lawyers of Katende and co-advocates to sue anyone who will be using Radio’s songs without asking for permission from Goodlyf. Not only that but to people who are recording tribute songs to the late as well.

“Many people have been making tribute songs with their own intentions. Some have just been making them to make names off the deceased. We understand that some have gone ahead to also re-do Mowzey’s songs in terms of remixes but we are going to sue them,” Chagga said.

It’s been three months since Mowzey Radio passed on but there’re many of his songs that were yet to be released. There are fears that the actions of the pirates would kill his yet-to-be released songs.



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