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Who is Who: GNL Zamba takes young guns back to hip hop school

GNL Zamba


After legends like Babaluku, Rocky Giant and Lyrical G were all reluctant to fire back on the Who is Who challenge started by Feffe Bussi a few weeks ago, GNL Zamba has shown what Hip Hop is all about in his reply.

Feffe Bussi

Feffe Bussi

The Koyi Koyi musician after a very long time without releasing any song took social media by surprise when he outed his version of Who is who.

In one of the first lines, the musician said that ‘this is not a comeback, we are just adding on the work,” clearly stating that he just did this in a freestyle to prove to people that he’s not retired but just laid back.

Da Agent

GNL Zamba’s instrumental is different from the others who used the same Hate me now instrumentation but the lyrical content in this song is so strong, the word flow is on point and the punchlines remind us of the GNL who transformed the Hip Hop genre in Uganda.

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