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OS attacks DJs for ignoring him



Ugandan musicians can’t stop to amuse you with their drama. From attacking DJs, to journalists, to corporate companies, to fellow musicians and then back to DJs, chei!

The latest to rant is Abdul Shakur, alias Omulangira Ssuna, turned O.S. It cannot be denied that O.S has been around so we understand that he could be suffering from elderly problems. Whether he is right or wrong is subject for another day.

Early this week, the singer (is he still?), released a video that went viral on social media spitting venom about DJs. In the video that sparked mixed reactions, the tinted-hair singer attacks DJs for not playing his music.

He argued that instead of playing his music, local selectors are choosing to play Rihanna and Beyoncé, who hardy know them. “How can MTV and Trace play my music and you a fake DJ here fails to?” he queried.

He went further to equate them to paupers who are merely wasting time on the ones and twos, and even urged them to start leading decent lives. “You find a DJ after playing foreign music, he puts his tiny laptop between his armpits, and then runs to a rolex stall, and thereafter to bed.”

Okay, OS, because we care about your dreams, we shall not ask you for your current music but you cannot be blaming DJs for not supporting local talent. We shall wait and see what the likes of DJ Slick Stuart and Roja have to say on this.

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