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How Fik Fameica got in trouble with Kayunga promoters

Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica

Many big artistes have at one time been in trouble over missing to perform at shows they have received payment for. Some have been beaten up while others have been sued. This is because some are just plain greedy or bite off more than they can chew when making promises to perform at people’s shows.

Artistes and their managers tend to pocket money for bookings even when they know that they will not be available on the set show/concert dates. Usually when the time comes for their performances comes, they come up with all kinds of excuses.

This same ill habit has landed musician Fik Fameica into trouble.

The latest we have received is that Fameica was booked to perform in Kayunga over the Easter weekend. The hot selling musician, however had many gigs lined up for that season meaning that he would get to Kayunga late.

Instead of informing the Kayunga promoter about this likelihood, Fameica and his manager Karma Ivan pocketed the money and first went to do other shows close to Kampala before heading to Kayunga.

Luck was not on their side as they reached the venue at 4am when most revelers had given up and went home. He performed for empty seats and the promoter asked for a refund which they haven’t delivered up to now.

This even reportedly resulted into the detention of his manager who was later released after promising that he would pay the refund later.

According to the promoters, Karma Ivan and the musician never abided to the agreed arrangement yet they were fully paid. Fameica was supposed to perform at 11pm but singing to empty seats was disrespecting to them.

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