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Has Spice Diana been recruited in Goodlyfe?

Spice Diana

Before the death of Mowzey Radio, Good lyfe had a project with Spice Diana and it was the last video Radio did before his demise.

Spice had been sharing pics of the ‘behind the scenes’ of the video shoot before the video was released which is understandable but after the project, she seemingly continued to hung with members of the Good lyfe crew. The Anti Kale singer was always with them at events and at their home in Makindye. During the time Mowzey was at hospital, she was around all the time.

Even when he passed on, Spice Diana was among the first people who gave a speech during the vigil despite the fact that there were more important people in attendance. People who meant a lot to Radio’s family and his career. Family members, very close friends among others.

A scene from Chuma, a video by Spice Diana and the Goodlyfe crew.

When we thought she was done, Spice Diana recorded a song with Weasel titled 32. She has been promoting the song with Weasel even though he also has his own new song Tokyayitaba.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana with the deceased Mowzey Radio.

Both artistes are currently in London after their Easter Bash show in celebration of Mowzey Radio’s life. The bash was held on March 31 at the Royal Regency hall in collaboration with Cindy.

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Enroute to London, Spice Diana was wearing the Radio and Weasel (RAW) jumper just like Weasel and Chagga. Is this one of the signs that she has been recruited? We shall keep you posted.

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