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Did Sheebah just call Pallaso and Weasel houseboys?

The beef between Team No Sleep and Goodlyfe seems like it is not about to end. That is if Sheebah’s new song is anything to go by. The song called Houseboy is yet to be released but has already been leaked by some people in the TNS camp.

The song has some pinching lyrics and when we contacted our source in TNS on the genesis of the song, they said that Jeff Kiwa pushed Sheebah to studio to do the song. Kiwa is Sheebah’s manager.

In the song, the singer refers to houseboys of the podium and for a sharp Ugandan, we all know that the podium is in reference to Bryan White and we know Pallaso and Weasel are close associates of Bryan White.

Both artistes are part of the Bryan White Foundation. When we talked to Pallaso about his take on this song, he said he had not listened to the song yet but he thinks Sheebah is better than that. Our efforts to contact Sheebah were futile because she never picked her phone nor even got back to us.

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