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Diamond Platnumz can never be faithful to any woman- Wema Sepetu


Daimond and Wema Sepetu. COURTESY PHOTO

Though she claims she is and will remain good friends with Diamond Platnumz, Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu swears that she would never accept a marriage proposal from the singer.

In a recent interview, Sepetu said Diamond is a serial cheat who can never change his ways. She also said that Diamond is incapable of being faithful to any woman.

“Even if Diamond comes swearing that he has cleaned up his past and wants to marry me, I won’t accept it. That would have happened back then but not now. I know Nasibu too well after being together with him for two years. I know his ways. He will still cheat, he can never be faithful to any lady,” Wema said.

Wema Sepetu is said to have been the one responsible for turning Diamond’s music career around after she connected him to Davido with whom they did a remix to Diamond’s song, Number one. The song later became the latter’s breakthrough hit

After the success of the song, Diamond threw her away and hooked up Zari thereafter.


Wema Sepetu back in action with Diamond Platinumz

Is Wema Sepetu the cause of Zari’s separation with Diamond?

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