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Chameleone blames journalists for son’s driving zibs



Surely when you capture your 12-year-old son on video driving and then post it on social media, what do you expect? Instead of accepting the consequences for his actions, Singer Chameleone is instead blaming journalists. Come on Joseph!

To bring you up to speed, a few days ago, Chameleone posted a video clip on Instagram of 12-year-old son Abba Marcus Mayanja driving a BMW convertible with his brother Alfa Mayanja in the co-driver’s seat.

It is not news that they are underage to be behind the wheels in Uganda and so authorities took it up and asked the singer to pay a 600k to 800k fine or be jailed for eight months for letting a child under his care drive. Instead, he came out and said it was the media exaggerating the incident. “This is Uganda. Why is it that always journalists focus on useless things instead of focusing on vital issues?” he asked.

He added that if a child in the village can ride a bicycle, why shouldn’t his son drive a car yet he did not cause an accident? Uuuuuhm, Ssebo the law knows no man, just leave us alone. And ooh, how about next time you consider having your underage child buckle up first! Nkt.

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