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Big Eye turns bouncer

Big Eye

Big Eye

The hustle is real people! Okay, that may be a slightly exaggerated intro for this one.
But as you may have witnessed, whenever chaos breaks out at an event, musicians are the first to find a safe place to hide – it is not just a Hollywood thing.
But not for Big Eye, who played hero at the Easter Wato Wato event in Kavumba last weekend.
During his performance, Big Eye, real name Ibrahim Mayanja, requested the crowd to come close to the stage. It was then that he noticed one suspicious reveller trying to snatch another person’s phone. Like a scene from John Rambo, Big Eye jumped off stage and dived into the crowd, held the thug by the collar and started raining punches on him. The thug was only saved by security who came minutes later. We hear revellers are still sending drinks his way. Now that is a real crime preventer right there!

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