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Twitter disses Beyoncé for her big ear lobes

Beyonce big ears

Forget about her stunning Coachella performance, Beyoncé is back in the limelight because of a certain body part. Nope, its not her curves, even worse, not her behind.

Hard to believe but Beyoncé’s ears have stolen the limelight form her famed booty. Tweeps have had a field day dissing the bootylicious mama’s ears after one tweep known as Onifinau, posted a series of pictures of Beyoncé wearing very big earrings with the caption, “I swear to god Beyoncé’s earlobes are stronger than 10,000 men,”. There and then other Beyoncé fans agreed that the Crazy in Love star indeed has big ears which she usually attempts to hide with her massive earrings.

? Onifinau’s tweet has so far garnered 14,142 Retweets and 45,556 Likes since he posted it on Thursday night. Here we capture of the funniest replies to his cheeky tweet:

@sharonslayy: Beyoncés ear lobes are made from vibranuim. That’s why they are so strong.

@jehmimah: It’ll take 10,000 men to pick up those earrings huh??? Lol damn

@AmeenaKirmani: I have so many questions about how she stands the weight, maybe it’s cause she’s magic.

@JennE_Penny: She had some crescent shaped earrings on and it snagged on something and the earring went flying mid performance lol she of course didn’t miss a beat

@SXWIE: So I’m not the only one who has thought about this

@tessssx: exactly!!! Ihave two heavy and long earrings but mine are NOTHING compared to her goddamn diamonds!!!?

@Milkiels: She probably uses super glue, i know it sounds crazy but a lot of drag queens use super glue for huge ass earrings so I wouldn’t be surprised if Beyoncé did it too.

@Therealtopgunn: “She might be able to carry my grades” is what I would say if I was one of those accounts.?

@Sibiside_Mkhize: What if it’s plastic?

@InggiRamadhani: How does she look comfortable using those heavy earrings?

@VerneWilson: If Beyoncé can stand the weight of being Beyoncé… the weight of these earrings are nothing

@wizardchelly: honestly because sis ears is still sitting up not pulled?

@PeacePipeProLFC: Soon she will be able to cover her behind.

@KeishaaDee: My ears hurt when I wear hoops. Her ears are made of steel!!

@l0werthanl0zz:  Real proof she is a goddess

Beyoncé has in the past revealed insecurity over her ears says she has been teased and bullied about them since her childhood so we as Sqoop won’t bully her even further. We love you Bey….even with your ears!








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