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Weasel breaks down on maiden flight without Mowzey Radio



Weasel might have annoyed his fans with his sudden friendship with socialite Bryan White, but the singer has reached out to his followers in a surprisingly emotional way. Although he had earlier on posted pompous videos as he made his way to the airport, in the company of Bryan White and his foundation members, Weasel gave his fans a rare glimpse of the pain he has dealt with since Mowzey Radio’s passing.

On his way to London for a performance, a forlorn-looking Weasel, in a video, told his fans that he was suffering from major anxiety as he had never flown out of Uganda without his side kick, Radio.

“It’s your boy Weasel, as in Weasel without Radio and I am saying that coz it feels weird because it is my first time travelling all alone by myself. Ok I may be with other people but am alone by myself, without Radio. You guys don’t know how I feel. I lost my brother,” Weasel said, with dark shades covering his eyes.

Weasel and Radio

Weasel and Radio

He then shared that he struggles to accept that they can never do the things they used to do with Radio ever again.

“Today when I was leaving my house I felt so bad. I felt like Radio was supposed to come down from his house so that we leave together the same way we used to do every day. Right now am heading to London but I miss my brother,” he said.

Weasel and his new side kick, Bryan White. Weasel says that even though he spends time with White, he still misses Radio. COURTESY PHOTOS

The last time we saw Weasel this emotional was when he gave his speech at the Mowzey Radio’s requiem mass at Rubaga cathedral. The Tokyayitaba singer could barely speak. Hugs Weasel!

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