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SK Mbuga lives like VIP in jail

Prison is probably the last place anyone would wish to be, for the simple reason that life behind bars is not the best. But it looks like things might be a little different for our own businessman and socialite SK Mbuga. According to Abraham Luzzi, Mbuga’s business associate and chairman of Ssebo International Group, Awir Central Jail in Dubai where Mbuga is being held is one of the best. “The prison is divided and the section where he (Mbuga) is being held only accommodates wealthy people. Here, it is VIP treatment, you get to do what you want, you can make five calls in and outside Dubai, there is no torture,” Luzzi said. However, he adds that the only thing that is not allowed in the prison is vaseline and the only way you can tell that someone was behind bars is from how pale they look. Luzzi is a former convict in the same prison, where he was sentenced for nine months after failing to deliver 1.5 tonnes of gold from Congo to Switzerland.

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