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Daniella poses for nude pregnancy photo shot

One of the photos she posted on Instagram. Courtesy photo


Daniella Atim Mayanja, wife  to singer Jose Chameleone has gone bold by posting nude pictures of herself on Instagram today. Daniella who looks content in the pictures, has the front of her body painted green, red, white and yellow which she matched with African bangles on both hands.

The shots were taken by Avalon a renowned female photographer based in the UK and her bulging belly paint crayoned by Ciara the painter.

The comments on her Instagram show that her fans are happy for her. “Awesomeness” @iriginalnuts commented. Many just wrote “Wow!” while others said she looked beautiful. @mightykushqueen said, “Acholi maleng u look a million bucks!” A few however thought differently. @frankalbert0001 seemed to express shock in one word. “Really!?” he commented while @rachman_ofishal asked, “Eh, bakazoze batya?”

Nude pregnancy photo shoots have now become a trend as most celebrities have embraced it. Serena Williams, Zari Hassan, Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian are some of the celebrities who have done it.

Daniella a mother of four who is expecting her fifth child left for the UK last week to deliver.

Sqoop wishes her a safe delivery.

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